Books and House & Home by David Evans

Wednesday 9 December 2009

I can only agree with the positive comments made by previous interns in their blogs; I've found the FT internship to be informative and enjoyable in equal measure.

The chance to witness first-hand the day-to-day operations of a global newspaper is one not to be missed. On my first day, after a tour of the impressive FT offices at One Southwark St, I was invited to sit in on the morning’s meeting, at which the editors appraised the latest edition, and set the agenda for the next. I found it fascinating – whether it was a contributor revealing a “scoop”, or Mr. Barber identifying an errant adjective in one of the previous day's reports, the meeting offered a number of insights into the editorial process.

Working amidst the rather more sedate pace of the Books and House & Home sections of FT Weekend, I feel valued as part of the team. I’m trusted to work independently on jobs that that need to be done, rather than – as might happen elsewhere – tasks dreamt up simply to occupy the intern. Fact-checking copy and researching future articles, I’m making a real, if minor, contribution, and that leads to a sense of satisfaction on seeing the finished product each week.

As an intern at the FT, you’re not just making contacts (or, indeed, the tea), you’re getting demonstrable experience and a sense of what being a journalist entails – and that includes some writing. I’ve contributed short articles to the House & Home section – I can now testify to the thrill of seeing my first by-line in print – and I'm currently working on a book review due to be published on The editors are happy to take the time to discuss the internship and to dispense advice, which I'm sure will be of benefit when I look to take the next step in my career in journalism.

Adventures at the FT Money Desk by Denise Law

At the Financial Times, every day is an adventure. Every day brings new challenges.

All of the preconceived notions I had formulated about the news industry were proven false the moment I stepped into the FT building. Over the course of my eight-week internship at the FT Money desk, I was given the opportunity to step beyond my comfort zone.

I covered press briefings, attended investment training sessions, interviewed fund managers, participated in weekly meetings and filed stories on personal finance.

To say the Financial Times offers a fantastic learning hub is probably an understatement. I credit my growth as a person and journalist to the organization’s culture of inclusiveness, but more specifically to the FT Money team (who are not only intelligent and hard-working, but a true source of inspiration). From day one they put their faith in me as a reporter and provided the mentorship I needed to become a better financial journalist.

As my final two weeks approach, I am genuinely saddened by the thought of returning home to Canada. I will surely miss the city, the people and even the rain, but most of all I will miss walking into work every day knowing that I will walk out with a sense of fulfillment.

This internship isn't just about working for a reputable brand, but about learning to uphold and defend what that brand stands for. I am truly grateful for this opportunity and encourage anyone who wishes to venture beyond their comfort zone to consider an internship with the FT.

Trust me, you won't be disappointed.