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Thursday 25 February 2010

My real introduction to the FT came after my whirlwind tour of the building and the ceremonial sitting-in at the Monday morning editorial conference. Within two minutes of arriving at the Books desk, an editor handed me an essay by a prominent British journalist along with the instructions, “Tell me what you think of this.” Despite having no experience working for a newspaper, let alone a global and influential newspaper, my feedback was considered by the editors and most of my suggestions were passed on to the author. The following Saturday I got the humble thrill of seeing some of my editorial changes adapted into the weekend books essay.

From that start, the pace has only accelerated as I have been immersed eyebrow-deep in the dual worlds of Books and House & Home. It becomes instantly clear when you arrive in the editorial room that the weekend edition is a massive collaborative effort. Through reading proofs and fact-checking articles, I quickly became integrated with the teams of editors in both sections. Few things went into the Book or House & Homes section that I hadn’t made some tiny factual or typographical adjustment to.

This past week my responsibilities have expanded beyond the minute details. I have been travelling around London interviewing architects for an article that I’m writing. And just yesterday I was asked to write a short book review.

After a few weeks of being here, your input is given due consideration and the editors are happy to provide feedback on your progress. There is never a shortage of things you can learn or opportunities to get involved.


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