FT Video Production by Alessia Giustiniano

Monday 25 June 2012

After 10 years working in financial markets in London, the FT has become a pivotal part of my breakfast routine, almost beating the iconic slice of toast with Marmite.

Whilst attending my Master degree in Media in New York, it was the only subscription I could not do without. For the whole four years of my Manhattan life, it was delivered to my door, together with a monthly supply of the yeasty spread. Both these items have certainly contributed to preserve my adoptive Brit soul from the attacks of American culture.

Back in London, with my new hat of financial video journalist wannabe, my first thought was to check the FT careers website for any opportunity.

I was lucky to spot the ad for this internship few hours before the deadline, and here I am, few weeks later, trying to absorb as much “pinkness” as possible before the end of the month.

The company culture is so very British, polite and calm but very productive. The greatest asset here is certainly the presence of so many amazing financial journalists. Coming from many years in banking, it is exciting to meet in the corridors the likes of Martin Wolf, Gillian Tett and everyone in the Lex team, it almost feels like being allowed back-stage at some big rock band gig.

The video team is very active, they produce up to 5 pieces a day for the website, with topics ranging across the whole FT coverage spectrum.

Everything has been extremely interesting so far, the approach has been very hands-on as I am working on a different video piece every day. This is unusual for an internship, where you generally get to be buried in boring admin tasks for the majority of the time.

Because the FT focus is on analysis rather than newscast, the video pieces are like small documentaries. I have just finished editing a piece on inhabited islands disputed between Japan and China and I am about to move on to Kenya’s geothermal explorations and Greek elections! Everyone in the team is extremely helpful and kind about showing me the intricate world of on line video production. I was surprised to see that they also value my input and my ideas and I am certainly making the most of all the great facilities (including a fully geared recording studio and a radio room). Anyone interested in financial video journalism will find this internship absolutely perfect.


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The greatest asset here is certainly the video production presence of so many amazing financial journalists.

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