FT Video Production by Audrey Jordon

Thursday, 23 May 2013

The term "intern" conjures up images of flustered young men or women balancing several lattes in one hand and bunches of papers in the other. However, I found that this was a terrible misconception as soon as I entered the FT building. People were very helpful and welcoming and instantly made me feel at ease. I was taught that interns get ignored and handed the admin jobs as we only have several weeks in the company. Another misconception proven wrong! On my first day I learned a lot just by shadowing, things that can never be learned at any university. And ignored I was not. In fact dare I say it, I was treated as a colleague.

My internship started off with a quick tour of the building. Finally settling at a computer, I quickly learned that video editing is a meticulous and serious business. I was glad, as this is exactly what I was looking for. My day ended by being handed my log-ins and checking that they worked.

The next few days were about learning and to my excitement, on the fourth day I edited a video which was uploaded on the FT website. It was a brilliant experience to watch a video online that I had helped edit. A true accomplishment.

My fear before starting the internship was that I would not cope with the time pressure I assumed video journalism had, but it quickly vanished as soon as I started, having watched everyone calmly but efficiently get everything done.

Walking to and from the FT building isn't half bad either. Seeing the hustles and bustles of London can inspire a person to dream big and mine is one day to come back and work for the Financial Times.


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